Starting out… one step at a time

Trite, maybe.  But each journey does start out with one foot stepping forward.  And I have found the most exciting journeys are those that seem to start by stepping off a cliff… towards an abyss.  And the Universe inevitably creates a stepping stone out of nothing.  And what great stepping stones they are.

Sometimes they are more like a giant plate, that turns and swivels like those tea cup rides.  And they turn and stop in a totally unexpected direction.  Wow.  That Universe is pretty dang smart, if you ask me.

In 6 weeks I get on the Delta flight to Paris.  To PARIS.   I have only been saying for 3 years that I am going to live in Paris.  And now I am.

You are welcome to come along on this infinite journey with me.  Next blog will explain the Blog Name.