World Tour

Did you know how easy it is to create your own World Tour????  Now I feel like I am in that rarified world of The Beatles,  Liberace, and Tom Jones! First requirement – go to a different country – preferably a different continent.  That takes care of the World part. And Tour…. well, that’s a big word.  Just the trip to Paris is a tour.  All the British aristocracy had to make their Tour of the Continent.  But when it’s preceded by “World,” your mind goes to the concert venue. So my World Tour stars here in Paris.  I don’t know what my first speaking engagement will be – but I have several “speeches” in my back pocket.  Just waiting for the right offer.  And the Universe knows that it is the “doing” that is important right now, not the cash flow.  Not that I would turn down cash flow…  but the visa does put constraints on that.

Whatever.  Just bring me the podium!  Merci!


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