Le Mixte!

That’s the name of my preferred baguette:  bread (French of course), cheese, ham and BUERRE.  Mmmmmmmmmmm That’s butter.  French butter, especially made with Brittany or Normandy sea salt is the best!   What amazes me is that I buy the sandwich thinking I have lunch AND dinner, it’s so big.  And then I sit down to savor it.  And suddenly, it’s all gone.  I swear these sandwiches are over a foot long.

Josephine, Silvi and Eddie wanting my lunch!

Josephine, Silvi and Eddie wanting my lunch!

I can’t even blame the kids (see photo).  Between the fact that it is delicious and the fact that I am walking everywhere and working up an appetite – c’est fini!

Today I took it easy. Only walked 4 miles.  Hoping to ease the swelling with an ice session in a few minutes.  But I did make it to La Boutique SNCF (Societe Nationale de Chemin de Fer) to purchase my senior card.  The entire transaction was in French.  Which means I missed a lot and didn’t say much.  But I muddled through and have my discount card.  I should have made it effective today but he wanted to give me the most time.  (He didn’t know I won’t be here a year.)  So it starts Monday and hence I will stay in the Paris environs til then. (Did you notice the macaron in the photo? Under Josephine’s paw?  I wrestled it away from her.  Tasty.)

I’m on the lookout for a tea tray too. But I think I will find that near my favorite hotel over by the Perenty metro line.  Much more a workingclass neighborhood with cheaper prices.  For I have become a tea addict.  Trying to give up Diet Coke.  Which isn’t too difficult here as Coca Cola Light just doesn’t taste the same…

Time for ice.


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