Parlez-vous francais?

Oui.  Je parle francais.  As long as you speak slowly and I have my IPhone with the Larousse app handy.

Et aussi – j’aime bien: “Pardon, madame, mais vous savez….?”

That means some one is asking me something French!  Usually directions.  And most times I can actually help.  I like being taken for a French person.  I feel in disguise!

And today I asked directions for myself – and the gentleman at the reception desk didn’t understand me.  It was frustrating.  Got my answer.  Walked away.  Stopped and went back.  What the heck – I want to get better.  So I asked him, in French, why he didn’t understand me before – was I pronouncing something wrong? I wanted to improve.  He and his colleague both said oh no my French is good – he couldn’t hear me!

Well.  Not so sure about that.  But it’s not a typical French response so maybe he was telling the truth.


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