Taking it easy…

A good night’s sleep  most likely because I had all the electronic lights off!  Amazing how that can impact one.

I feel like a true slug.  (Of course, many of you know I really am one -UCSC Banana Slug…).  But I lounged in bed enjoying doing nothing.  And once up, I lounged over breakfast and over list-making.

Shopping is totally different here.  Well ya – you go to a store, pick out stuff and pay for it.  I didn’t mean that!  I meant how you approach planning…  At home, there’s a lot of storage.  We Americans take space for granted.  Can you imagine living in 116 sq ft – that apartment I mentioned yesterday?  I am in 400 sq ft or so I think.  And there is not a lot of storage here- even though it is very Ikea equipped!  So when I think about meals, it’s not like I have supplies in the cupboards.  At least I have a serviceable freezer!  I have a busy week coming up and so I had to think about food.  Then when you start to think about food, you have to think about how it gets from the store to your kitchen.  And here, that’s your shopping bags.  Or cart but I find the cart can be a pain.  To make it manageable, I try to stagger what I buy when – milk and orange juice on separate days – they are HEAVY.  And so on…  It really is a strategic process.

I missed the market again.  I simply have to start getting up earlier.  But here are some pics of them packing up.IMG_4847       IMG_4852

Busy week I said – yes.  After just taking time to get settled in, I finally got on to the MeetUp site.   I signed up for two walks tomorrow – one around Ile de la Citie (and Notre Dame) to see the angels on the buildings, then in the afternoon for a walk around the Montparnasse area.  Sunday is a walk in the Bois du Boulogne.  Monday is the train trip to Troyes.  Then Tuesday a client and maybe a toastmaster’s meeting. Wednesday the famous Over 50 Meetup (maybe I will meet Philippe!)  Wednesday night a Franglish event – the speed dating version of speaking French and English.  Thursday a sketching MeetUp and client at night.  I was thinking I might go to Chartres on Friday – the labyrinth is normally available to walk on Fridays.  But I think I might prefer staying in bed to recover.

I have discovered the best boulangerie.  It’s half a block away.  I must confess to sneaking a bite as I walked up the 3 flights… it was warm too!   This is the view down my street.  My apartment is on the left.

Look to the end

Look to the end

At the end of the street, you see a building that seems to lean.  It’s the Palais du Congres – a convention center.  At night the front changes colors.  It always surprises me when I see it leaning over!

I spent some time researching today.  And dang I just missed the Violette le Duc exposition.  But I have the info on the Klimt.  And there is a musical stage version of Singing In the Rain that I want to get to.  But, thank you very much, I will NOT be getting over to the Pompidou for the Jeff Koons koonsretrospective.  I am so disappointed in Sacramento’s decision on his sculpture…. I would prefer to say his trash….  ya, I don’t really care for his work.  I hesitate to call it art.

And I will end with a quick mention of the big news item here – Belgium was going to produce a euro to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo.  The French complained.  Not healthy for European relations.  Brussels is back to the drawing board.


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