Idyllic Sunday Shattered… and the Death March in which we became heros…

IMG_4911Plans to lounge on Sunday morning didn’t materialize.  I chatted with my friend Teri last night on a chance Skype encounter.  Teri asked what I like best about my apartment (It’s just a comfortable good energy place.) and what I liked least.  That was pretty easy (other than not have a dryer…) it was the kitchen.  And then I realized it was because of the lack of storage and the dishware.  It’s all chipped.  Not badly and I would be happy with it for a 10 day stay.  With Teri’s blessing (and encouragement) I decided I would buy some new dishes.  A good investment for 9 months of happiness.  And after I had breakfast and read the Bee (digital version) I decided to rearrange the kitchen.  The lack of storage was more an organizational issue.  That was going well until I dropped the glass and it shattered.

I hate to vacuum.

IMG_4913Before setting off for the walk in the park, I did some online investigating – dishware is expensive here!   I was really having trouble finding anything affordable -so I finally broke down to find out how difficult it will be to get to one of the three Ikeas that surround Paris.  I mean, really, a train and bus at the very least and probably a lot of walking.  Maybe even a taxi! Not conducive to bringing home stuff.  Heavy stuff.

But I underestimated Ikea.  There is a FREE shuttle from Paris to Ikea Sud.  That’s now on the calendar for Friday!

That problem solved, I set out for the walk in the park.  But it wasn’t.  A walk in the park… It was more like the Death March through the park.  IMG_4917Christophe the leader took us through some very pretty areas but there were never any moments to take in the views.  We finally got a toilette stop about 2 hours. And then, allons-y!!!  My ankle was holding up but this was turning out to be the second seven mile day.

At the Parc de Bagatelle area, we entered into beautifully laid out grounds.  I was at the end of the group chatting with Bill as we had both stopped for photos.  And an old man with a cane who was leaning up against a tree suddenly collapsed and fell over. We helped him up and Bill thought he said his wife was in the toilettes so I went to find her.  No one.  I spoke French to him and he didn’t seem to understand.  Then he was saying Dutch or Deutsch… and he latched on to Bill’s arm and pointed at the car park. I tried to find someone who spoke Dutch.  Found a lady who spoke German.  She came over and after a lengthy conversation in German discovered he spoke French.  He had the keys to his car and he would wait there for his driver.  Totally weird.  We both thought he might have a big of memory issue.  Who knows. But we were Good Samaritans.  Lost the group though.  We knew where the walk ended – Big Ben Pub. And I had walked by it two days ago.  So we just headed there.  It wasn’t quite Christophe’s death march -but it was a goodly distance. By the time we arrived, we had a new story – how Gaston had fallen,, I gave CPR, the ambulance came, I got a medal which I declined and Bill was offered the man’s golden cane – which he declined.IMG_4942

IMG_4932We  walked through the city streets to the pub and saw this great scene a balcony.  I did a double take – they are mannequins and one is holding skis!  Great sense of humor. We got to the pub well before the others.  I was very happy to have been able to sit and nurse an apple frost cider beer while they marched on several more kilometers than we did.  They showed up almost an hour later.  I was already exhausted and we had taken the shortcut.  I shall think twice about Christophe’s tours from now on!

Paris seems to be inspiring my cooking. Tasty meal.  Oh and I am thinking seriously about eating beef again. Would give me more selections.

Tomorrow is the train trip to Troyes, medieval city.

Enjoy your warm weather – it’s in the 40s here. And I am calling it an early night.  A bientot!


3 thoughts on “Idyllic Sunday Shattered… and the Death March in which we became heros…

  1. Marcie – I’m curious if you have noted a presence of gendarmes or other security around Paris given the recent terrorist activities? You are having quite the adventure. Merci beaucoup for sharing your journey! Joe


    • Since I started coming back to paris in 2007, I’ve always been surprised at seeing machine guns carrying army guards with their in camouflage uniforms (which btw make them stand out more!) walking around train stations and at the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. It’s the same. I haven’t notice more. Except on the train and at the local station in Troyes- there were several SNCF (railroad) security guards. But now I recall in 2012 on the train to Milan we saw guards take someone off the train…


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