Idyllic Sunday Shattered… and the Death March in which we became heros…

Infinite Paris

IMG_4911Plans to lounge on Sunday morning didn’t materialize.  I chatted with my friend Teri last night on a chance Skype encounter.  Teri asked what I like best about my apartment (It’s just a comfortable good energy place.) and what I liked least.  That was pretty easy (other than not have a dryer…) it was the kitchen.  And then I realized it was because of the lack of storage and the dishware.  It’s all chipped.  Not badly and I would be happy with it for a 10 day stay.  With Teri’s blessing (and encouragement) I decided I would buy some new dishes.  A good investment for 9 months of happiness.  And after I had breakfast and read the Bee (digital version) I decided to rearrange the kitchen.  The lack of storage was more an organizational issue.  That was going well until I dropped the glass and it shattered.

I hate to…

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