So many things are the same.  For instance, I didn’t have to pack extra sensitive teeth toothpaste.  It’s here.

IMG_5032 IMG_5031

And then there is the laundry.  Small.  But actually larger than some other rentals I have had in Paris.  But no dryer.  In California I avoid buying any clothes with the tag, lay flat to dry.  My experience is that it takes more than a week!  But here, if you want it to dry, you hang it up.  Where?  Pretty much all over the bathroom.

But the amazing thing is – it gets dry!  Seriously, my jeans were almost dry overnight.  So I did a big laundry today (that meant several loads as it is a tiny washer) and had sheets and duvet and pillow cases all over.  But they dried.IMG_5033

It was encouraging.

But I am going to have to find some softener…  I think this metal washer is going to be the death of several shirts.  Certainly not soft.


3 thoughts on “Laundry…

  1. Sounds like there may need to be some strategic planning with the laundry (similar to the milk and orange juice). 🙂


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