Tour de France!

OK so I wasn’t wearing the famous yellow jersey and I wasn’t cycling around the Arc de Triomphe- but I could see it! IMG_5028

I conquered the Velib’ today!Vélib' It’s the bike rental system of Paris.  Just when I finally get a credit card with a PIN so I can use the system, they change it so you can buy a code and just use that at the kiosk.  Oh well.

It doesn’t matter.  I got to ride a bike today!! Heaven!!

Actually, it was a lazy household and business morning – prepping a PowerPoint for a client – she cancelled but I did get it finished and now I am prepared and don’t have to do that again.  And I did laundry – see other post.  And a quick trip to the market…

IMG_5030I took advantage of the lovely weather to get a bike.  There is a stand at the end of my street- but if I rented one there, I would have to ride Paris/Neuilly-sur-Seine streets.  Big streets.  So instead I walked over to Bois du Boulogne and rented one there.IMG_5026

It was a bit confusing… but they have a phone number and advertise that they can help you in ENGLISH.  So I figured it was an emergency and I could afford the $1 per minute call.

So I see a lot of days ahead riding in the park.  Next up – continuing the research for a French phone and a monthly Metro pass…


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