Resting, Reading, Racuuming (Chez Moi Tuesday)

Is A Routine setting in?

Still nesting. I have the apartment almost where I want it in terms of comfort and looks. I think I might have discovered everything at this point. (Did I say SALAD SPINNER?!)   Really, if I was just here for a few weeks, I would have been delighted. 9 months? Got some cushion covers for more color. My plates. Some things for the bathroom. Last trip out yesterday for the cushion cover and to stock my pantry for the Stay Chez Moi Tuesday.

And rearranged some furniture today. It’s hard to write facing the window which lets in so much light. Turned the table to the wall… now I just turn my head to the left for inspiration… although across from me is an office building. Still, in my heart I know it’s Paris out there! (OK fine, for you sticklers… Paris is a block and a half away – at least it’s France out there!)

Today I am resting and recuperating and reading and … dang, is there an R word for housecleaning?… while it is raining.

I dusted and Racuumed. (made up an R word). Admittedly, it doesn’t take long in a 400 sq foot place, but I am just opposed to cleaning… sigh.

Finished my book about Berlin. Have another to start. Need to do Internet Chores. And even study a bit of French. And just let my body rest – it does NOT need to climb one single stair today.

What I notice about European life when I clean is how small everything is. We Americans are so used to SPACE.   A British woman pointed this out to me in 2007. She said you just have land and you can spread out…. Like our ranch homes… and she noted how big the US was and how long it took them to get anywhere.  Here – compact. My apartment is a quarter the size of my townhouse in Sacramento. And the storage space is unique. And now I so understand Ikea! But it makes you realize, we don’t need all that STUFF. Now I sound like George Carlin! (

But really,  I am noticing the trash I create. My goodness, I am using the front and back and sides of every piece of paper for my lists and notes – in California, I just take a new sheet of paper. Of course, there I have a nice big garbage bin. Here I am noticing everything I am putting in the trash, the trash that has to be carried down the three flights of stairs and out to one of the two garbage bins that are shared with maybe 15 other households. I have figured out the trash day is Thursday – so empty the garbage on Tuesday while there is still room!  Strategizing!  Just like when to buy milk and water…

Now to sign up for things French on the internet: SFRhow to recharge my French phone.  How to recharge my Navigo (Metro electronic pass- like the Clipper card but stupid [they do it by month, not a set amount you charge as you use it… well I suppose if I travel A LOT, this makes more sense…]) and how to connect my Navigo to the Velib’ (the bikes you can rent around Paris which I plan to use frequently in the summer).  I seem to be able to navigate the French websites.  Let’s hope this streak continues!


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