Another resting day.. Thursday 3/27

I just have to get on a schedule. But I think it will take a while. Wednesday was a great day after the Tuesday rest. I had more energy and less body aches. I did remember that the gym guys do tell you to take a day off each week. Walking over 5 miles daily – and several 8 miles is a lot when you don’t walk that much regularly.

IMG_5152This photo is out my kitchen window – it’s the courtyard of the building next door.  Amazing how they park cars!  Did I post this already?

The Over 50 Meetup for Conversation was extremely popular this week. Almost 30 people. So many people to meet and contacts to make. Met a lady who had lived here for 35 years and says she has two clients for me. OK…

By chance – par hazard – I sat next to Edna who turns out to be a teacher of FSL (equivalent of ESL) and who wants to improve her English. So we spoke in French for about 40 minutes and my brain did NOT explode. Amazing. So we set a time to get together to practice. She understood my French! Whoo Hoo me!   She described it as “quiet” which we never really figured out – except to say I spoke slowly. And I signed up for Conversation Exchange and have three other French people I will be meeting with to speak English/French. One is a tax attorney, the other works in publishing and the last says he’s a pilot.

After getting all excited about this, the reality sunk in. French conversations – while I was in immersion class last fall – did make me feel like my brain was going to explode. It is very fatiguing to talk in another language. Even Pig Latin – which I could never do. So now I am being strategic about scheduling – only one a day and not on a day with other big events. And eat lots of carbs before!

Hmmm. Another strategic issue. Finding lots of them here, aren’t I?

So before the Meetup, I dropped by the train station and bought my tickets for the Netherlands and a visit to Gear and family, ending with a day in Amsterdam. Sad to say, my Senior Carte does not work on trains to other countries!   This will be the first week of April, just after Easter. I am looking forward to it!

And after the Meetup, I dropped by the SFR (telephone if you don’t recall) to figure out a message I received that said my service was completed. Finished. Used up. Even my French friend Sabine whom I roped in to help me translate at the Meetup couldn’t understand it. French communications leave something to be desired. Oh could my Maximizer strengths be put to good use here. It turns out that message referred to the first 5 euro internet package that came with the SIM card. The normal plan is all fine for another month. The good part about this – well, that it’s all fine, of course, – was that the guy in the store didn’t speak English. And yet, I understood. Each time this is a huge accomplishment for me! I want a band and streamers! And I look forward to the day that I don’t notice.

Then to BHV for that final cushion cover (I didn’t buy it because I thought it was too expensive. Then after looking online and finding nothing, I decided it was ok to spend 15 euros. LOL Selective memory. When I got there I discovered it was 35 euros, not 15. At that point, I no longer cared and just bought it.)

IMG_5157A friend from the walk Meetup and from Minnesota is having major apartment problems – the company that he worked with… the broker… went into bankruptcy. His landlady told him. And that she had not received the money he paid for rent. And he was supposed to move the next week to anther apartment and that landlady called him and said yup, she didn’t get paid either. So she had gone and found a new tenant and he would have to find somewhere else. Yikes. So he is scrambling to find something during the Easter break. After Easter, he’s got several possibilities. So we met for a drink that turned into dinner at Camille. I broke down and ordered a steak. I haven’t had red meat since 2001. Did I write earlier that I was rethinking this? Without beef, the French menus are so limited.IMG_5158 I snuck in some beef in ravioli last week and didn’t get sick. So I went full out and ordered filet mignon last night. With béchamel sauce. OMG. Tasty. Why did I give this up?  We have plans to go to Le Cigale Recamier if he doesn’t go back early to the US (which he doesn’t want to. I wouldn’t either!). Le Cigale Recamier is my favorite Paris restaurant – the soufflé place!! Mmmmmmmm. Looking forward to that.

But when I got up after the wonderfully leisurly dinner (love the French relaxed style) (the waiter tried to speak to me in English – I finally asked him to speak to me in French so I could practice and he was from that point on delightful.) Anyway, standing up was a bitch. Took 10 minutes walking to work out the kinks in my hip. So Thursday has become another resting day. Except for a quick trip for the heavy staples – took the chariot. LOL That’s the term for the shopping cart you pull behind you. Now I sit here typing and looking out from time to time at the drizzly day.

IMG_5156And here are photos of them cleaning the streets and sidewalks here in Neuilly-sur-Seine. A small water truck drives slowly down the street and two guys – on either side – hose down the sidewalk with a hose that extends out of the truck…IMG_5155

A bientot.

Oh My God

Got new information. I just found out from Delta – and in writing – that my ticket does not expire until March 2016… Infinite possibilities…


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