Saturday Sunlight

As I said in the earlier post, I lazed this morning.  But finally the sunlight enticed me out.  Not for much, frankly, but to be in the sun and in a lightweight jacket not THE coat.

I stepped out and it took a moment before I was sure my choice of outerwear was correct.   I never noticed this in the US, but here, I first feel the cold in my shoulders.  And it was cold there as I went downstairs.  Once outside, the sun warmed me up.  I missed the marche again.  They are over by noon and I just am not an early riser here!  But I did notice as I strolled by the shops that they have changed the window displays again.  Tiny shops.  Multitude of displays.

I decided to check out the Neuilly Bookstore.  This involved a bus ride for a couple stops.  I probably could have walked there and back for the time it took for the bus to show up.  Yet this allowed me an “encounter” with a French woman.    She asked me how long I was waiting.  Some other pleasantries.  And I said in French – you understand me!  And that confused her.  I always jump into conversations in the middle and have to remember that the French like structure.  Greet them.  Tell that what you are going to tell them, tell them, and thank them good bye.  Yesterday Laura asked for coffee – un café, svp.  I added.  tea.  In French.  Good accent.  He looked confused.  Laura later explained that I must put an article in front of the noun.  Otherwise they don’t get it.  So I had to have said un tea.

Someday I will get it.

Anyway, the French lady did eventually agree she understood me when she realized I was from California.  We got quite chatty after that.  She told me I should wear my purse over my shoulder and under my coat in the metro.  And she even said my scarf was “tres chic”  ooh la la.  But when she walked past me on the bus as she was getting off, I swear she repeated several times, wake up.  Since she didn’t speak English, I don’t think that was it but I have no clue.

I am coining the term “bustimate.”  That’s when you are sitting at the bus stop and trying to estimate how long it will be for the bus to show up and whether you should just get up an walk… but then you run the risk of missing the bus by 2 minutes and seeing it pass you as you are walking on.



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