Insomnia… and Livraison! Delivery!

I got over jet lag quite quickly this trip. And I started to have some good night sleeps. (Good night’s sleep?) But the past few days I have had so much trouble falling asleep. Either it’s that I didn’t sleep well so I lazed too much and subsequently wasn’t tired, or I go out for an activity and come home with excess energy. Like last night after a day with my good conversation with Claire and evening with Toastmasters.

Yes. I drink Trader Joe’s Sleepy Time decaf tea before bed. Yes, I have a sleep mask. Yes, I stop playing with electronics and only read my Kindle with its internal light off. Sigh.

Speaking of the bed. (Sleep. Bed.) One of the reasons I picked this apartment was that in a review a renter said that the bed was great and firm. My experience has been a bit different. Yes. Firm. But I can actually feel the springs. I fixed by putting a duvet cover under the fitted sheet. Did I tell you all this? Well, there’s a solution, so you get the back story again. When the landlady was here yesterday, I pointed this out to her. We investigated. She suggested flipping it. And voila. Someone had flipped it so that the top was on the bottom and I was sleeping on the bottom and yes those were springs. And when you sleep on the right side, there’s a lot more padding. I hadn’t noticed because there was a mattress pad/protector on it. Easy solution.   Maybe the bed was too comfortable? That’s why I couldn’t sleep?

Very windy last night too – I woke up several times because of noise.  What I finally discovered was that the  wind had actually unlatched my shutters so my shutters were moving about making noise.

Back to my insomnia, today I just gave in and got up at 8. It was going to be a big morning after all.

MONOPRIX Livraison (delivery!) They are coming between 11 and 2. And I hope it will be fine because the form I was supposed to get to give the delivery guys was eaten up by the printer which then refused to work. I pity the ladies behind me in line as they too will have no forms – yet they can speak French like natives because, well, they are natives!

I, however, will have to manage.

Yesterday Claire told me she lived in London for 6 months when she was 18. She was taking some classes but she said she didn’t speak English. I asked how she got by – apparently, she pointed a lot.

I am pleased to say that I have progressed beyond the pointing. I spoke at length to three people in Monoprix and we all ended up understanding each other. On the way home, I stopped in a BNP Parabais – the BofA partner bank here – hoping to change a 100 bill for 20s. I actually said all that in French. Mais, desole (Are you learning this word? I hear it frequently. And I use it more!) they don’t make change. However, she was helpful and told me I could get it changed at…. Where? Of course, at Monoprix.   That waits for a second trip.


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