Time plays games

IMG_5316Thinking I hadn’t posted for a while… And realized tonight I posted on Tuesday and this is only Thursday and that is only 2 days, really. Yet it feels like a week.  <Although I didn’t finish this post until today Friday but the time weirdness continues.>

Am I still on jet lag?


IMG_5218After the delivery excitement, I had another nice chat with the Over a Certain Age Meetup group at a new bar – almost in my neighborhood. It was just up from the Arc de Triomphe. Le Bidou. Tiny! From the thirties – and still feels like it. They had photos of Edith Piaf. So very nice. After I went to dinner with Laura from Sausalito   I am no longer surprised by 40 euro lunches or dinners. Wonderfully tasty.

April’s Fool Day is supposed to be a big thing here in France – particularly with paper fish pasted to your back. But I think that’s in the schools. I didn’t see much activity and I didn’t catch the news either. But I did have another chat with Alain.   Fascinating to discuss the differences in our political systems and in our businesses. And the US entrepreneurial spirit. Ha. We use a French word to describe a pretty American characteristic. We meet in a very fashionable café by the Palais Royale. With the cat on the red chair with the green walls near the toilettes.IMG_4564 (1) Very plush. Comfortable. And we sit by the window in a corner. And each time, the waiter sets down two newspapers at the table next to us. Moments later an older woman comes in and seats herself on the bench with her back to the wall, surveying the restaurant. Fascinating. What a ritual. I don’t know if it just Wednesdays and if she is meeting someone… but it intrigues me.

IMG_5244 While in the neighborhood, I stopped by the Palais Royale, one of my fav jardins.  and watched the kids play.  It wasn’t sunny enough for a photo of the plants – next time.

IMG_5235Then I made it to a café by the Rodin Museum to meet two people from the Infinite Possibilities trainer group – I met them in Orlando in January. They are here for a week. It was a spontaneous event and great to catch up. (This was NOT a 40 euro lunch – it was a basic Croque Monsieur).

Off to another Over a Certain Age gathering for a couple hours… Finishing with a client on Wednesday night. Coming home on the number 6 metro which gives beautiful views of the ETIMG_5264.

That takes us to Thursday. Look what a short period this was and yet it feels ages to me. And I have been having soda or water at the gatherings so don’t blame this on wine. Or maybe I need more wine?

Today was a work on line day. Many things to catch up on – emails, bills, bank accounts. And research for a printer. While I mastered the Monoprix delivery, the Amazon and everyone else delivery seems incredibly complex.

I am going to be here awhile and wanted a printer/copier/scanner. My landlady was going to sell me her old HP and it would have been a good solution.  But it stopped printing black ink.

So I am looking for one not too expensive and after a lot of research, found one on Amazon and FNAC for about 60 euros.  But after hassling with Amazon on line and not being able to get it delivered to one of their drop off places, I finally figured out that the printer is too big to be delivered to one of their stations.

And my building doesn’t have a “doorman” kinda person that I am aware of so I don’t want it delivered here and have it stolen.  And FNAC has it but only online and they don’t do “deliver to store and pick up” like in the states so I am stuck on delivery for that too.

I guess I am going to have to spend twice as much money to buy one that is in stock at FNAC or Darty.  Or just forego a printer… but that’s hard because I use printer in my work.

How do people get things in France?  Oh to have a Best Buy…

But a friend here offered to have it delivered to his place and I can get it from him.   However, today (4/3) when my brain has gotten off the roller coaster carousel of printer decisions, I have decided to just buy the more expensive one and bring it home on the bus with my cart. It’s only two stops away. Done. But tomorrow.

This whole experience was emotionally draining – as a friend reminded me living in a different culture can be draining.  But, done.  Decision made.

Last night I was sitting waiting for a bus about 8 pm. Still light out after daylight savings change. And realized I had no real clue of the time when I look at my 24 hr. watch. Someday I will start associating the 24 times with things like meals… but right now. No.

IMG_5305Evening stroll on ile de la Citie.

On April First I was set free of tickets! Somewhere earlier I think I criticized the French for their monthly metro cards flat fee. On April 1st my pass was “live” and I realized I could jump off and on a bus or metro without incurring any additional costs. Oh. This is a good thing. I can make as many extra stops to the picturesque places that I like.

And Thursday was a milestone. I have been here four weeks. Met an American on the bus – he got up and gave me his seat which of course gave away that he must be an American. He was from Minnesota. Told him I was here for 9 months… and realized, one is done. Now I am only here for 8 months. Sad.

Friday night, tonight, I am meeting Edna for French/English conversation. So I decided on a quick morning trip to the D’Orsay. Several “bustimate” opportunities on this trip.

I peeked in on the Van Gogh’s and the Nabis and saw they have a special exhibit of Bonnard. Ho-hum. WRONG.IMG_5313 Oh I love Bonnard. IMG_5325The rooms were quite crowded but I can come back anytime! And will do so in the morning before it gets busier.IMG_5312  And apparently I was confused on my last visit here – you CAN still take photos- but NO flash  And not of any pieces on loan.  This Bonnard exhibit was incredible – so many museums participated.  Truly a global program.

Discovered a new bus (82) that takes me to Montparnasse by the Eiffel Tower. And has a very close -The closest – Bus stop by me.

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