Printer fiasco is now over and done with.  I won.

I must admit to having fallen into a black printer hole on Thursday.  Getting caught up in the translation issues and the French delivery system which was completely new to me.  I spiraled down…  and a friend in the States reminded me that living in a different culture can be frustrating and exhausting.  I don’t find it very bad or difficult normally, but the printer was my downfall.

So today I put on my big girl panties (I hate that expression actually – it implies that one was wearing diapers, training pants or going commando: demeaning or TMI but it does capture the idea of just dealing with things!) and took my chariot (shopping cart) down to FNAC on Champs – just a couple stops from me.  IMG_4594There I bought a new printer that was just 20 euro more than any I would order on line.  And I stuck it on the chariot, made it on and off the bus and up my 3 flights of stairs.

It is now working and I am a happy and relieved camper and swear I shall not be the victim of the French system!  LOL   I was, however, struggling where to put it.  My tiny table was getting tinier and tinier.  When I remembered – DUH – it is wireless.  Meaning it could be anywhere.  One gets into a mental construct of the printer being by the computer and the new reality of wifi is slow to break in on it.  Even in Sac, my wifi printer sits on the desk next to the computer.  So now this new one sits on the mantle and keeps my table free.

Now I must go write something that deserves to be typed!