Tiptoe through the Tulips…

Netherlands!  Visiting a coaching colleague and family for a couple days.  Yesterday we visited Breda, a charming town nearby, picked up kids from school, lunch and shopping. 

Shopping was an experience.  One store would not take credit cards – only debit cards.  The grocery store allows you to pick up a hand held scanner, scan your items as you put them in your cart and bags and pay for them at a computer on your way out. Sweet.  They do audit you from time to time.  



Breda was quaint with a lovely cathedral.  

Tulips!  Windmills!  What we think of when we think of the Netherlands.  On the way to Keukenhof to see the gardens we did indeed see windmills. And canals. And dykes. And some places where the canals were higher than the surrounding farm land.  

Keukenhof gardens  are simply spectacular.  I was last there when I was 11. I must admit I appreciated it more today.  Enjoy my photos. 





 And this post was made directly on the iPhone!