Last days (for my guest – not me!)

My guest is gone. It was great to see a friend. But after 12 days in a 400 sq ft apartment with two people, it is relaxing to have it to myself again. Only for a couple days, however, as Guest 2 is arriving Thursday afternoon.

Guest one spent her last day, Saturday, packing and downloading movies for her layover in Toronto. We did find time for a delicious lunch at my favorite soufflé restaurant. It was closed for many months as it remodeled. Frankly, it doesn’t look that different to me! And it has a new name. Les Soufflés de Recamier. The menu now includes some things other than soufflés. But the soufflés remain delicious. The new dessert soufflé – pistachio! Mmmmmm

.2015-04-25 13.43.59 2015-04-25 14.52.14 2015-04-25 14.52.20

On the way home, we stopped in at Guerlain 2015-04-27 22.16.18to buy my eau de toilette. In the States it is sold at Macys and Nordstrom’s and others. Here Guerlain has their own little boutiques. Quite snooty, actually. Friendly, but snooty. They have to wrap it just so. And with a pretty ribbon. And into the special very pretty Guerlain shopping bag. And your receipt isn’t handed to you – it is put in a discrete tiny folder that says Guerlain. All the clerks in little black dresses, heels, no hair out of place and with beautifully made up faces. I am sure my hiking boots stressed them out – but not enough to refuse my credit card. (Got another month to go with doctor- ordered hiking boots – remember the pulled tendon? I do.) (Speaking of hiking boots, I was walking on some serious cobble stones today 2015-04-27 10.36.37and thanked the heavens for these boots. I have no idea how French women get across this city in spike heels.)

Sunday we rolled Guest’s bags to the Air France Le Cars bus stop – conveniently located about 3 blocks from my apartment. And she set off for the US.

I came back and tackled the apartment. That meant cleaning and washing. 4 loads. Washing is another strategic process here when you don’t have a dryer. You have to think about each load- where will you hang the contents out to dry. What order is the washing? What dries the fastest and where? Will that spot be taken? Use the heating rack, sure. But do you need one or both heaters?

That and vacuuming did me in. Early night Sunday. But felt very accomplished and clean! And ready for Guest 2.

Insight while watching Guest pack.  I have decided that when I leave – I hate to think about it but I do have to come back – I was stressed enough trying to get here.  The thought of packing up to go home is intimidating.  But I have a solution.  I am going to move into a hotel room for at least one, maybe two nights.  That will allow  me to get stuff out of here and clean it up and be able to pack in a neutral setting without going crazy,  There’s one right around the corner.  OK, now that I have that settled, I don’t have to think about moving anymore.  Whew

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