YIKES… forgotten photos

I was just editing the photos from the 8th of mai when I realized there were some memorable moments that didn’t make it to the blog.   Does that mean they were not memorable?  Nope.  Just my brain being busy.

This gentleman was singing on the bridge to Ile de la Cite.  Normal sight.2015-05-06 15.00.20  BUT he had a singing dog on his shoulder.  Swear it responded to him and barked along.  I gave him a euro it was so entertaining.

Here’s Notre Dame – to prove we were there, I guess. 2015-05-06 14.16.15 Haha. 2015-05-06 12.24.38 Been there several times this trip already.

And we made a special detour to Arenas Lutece.  A Roman amphitheatre discovered in 1800s.   Always amazes me how they just construct buildings right up to ruins. 2015-05-06 11.59.24 It’s a favorite for kids for soccer and adults for petanque.

And lastly, the crepe guy in action. 2015-05-06 14.48.02 Love the plain butter and sugar crepe.2015-05-06 14.49.59


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