We’re Having a Heat Wave…

We’re Having a Heat Wave… a Parisian Heat Wave…

The temperature IS rising. It’s supposed to be 91F today. And yes, no air conditioning.

And it is officially my 4th day of this #$*&@ cold. When I last blogged, I was premature in my confidence that I had beat the cold. Wednesday I went off for my conversation with Albert and after an hour of chatting away, I got the phone out and texted all the other meetings to cancel them. I just came back (via the grocery store where I bought chicken soup) and went to bed. And stayed in bed yesterday, Thursday. And today Friday I feel a bit better. But not at all 100% yet.

And the heat. I don’t do well in the heat. The only reason I enjoy Sacramento is that at night it cools off most of the time. (One summer in Visalia, I swear we had 4 weeks in a row where it didn’t get below 70 at night. Dreadful!) And yesterday Paris was in the low 80s and didn’t reach 70 until 11. So….

Did you know there is a cool app called Hotel Tonight? It works with hotels who have excess supply of rooms. The hotels are happy to take less than normal to fill their hotel so they offer specials for Tonight. You can tell where this is headed? I found a wonderful hotel near me for only 103 but less the 25 dollar coupon so $78 for tonight only. And yes, air conditioning. Whew.

I figure that calculates out to less than $5 per hour of a/c comfort.

Now I just have to live through this heat until check in at 3. If I wasn’t still feeling under the weather (haha – no pun intended but why not!), I would just go off to some a/c museum and find a café near the seine in the shade. But sick? I freely admit to being a wimp.

Earlier this morning I walked over to the Galleries Gourmande – closer than Monoprix – for more Kleenex. With the factory working overtime in my head, tissue is a necessity. I have gone through several boxes this week. Picked up some more chicken soup and Ricola cough drops. And staggered back through the heat.

Paris slows down in this type of heat. Everyone walks more slowly. The fashion police seem to have relaxed their code. I saw Frenchmen in shorts! What is this world coming to??? Paul the baker at the Palais de Congres shopping center did not have “tradition” bread so I came home and stopped at the closest boulangerie. Some of you may recall that I had dubbed them the snooty ones. I must admit they are getting nicer and recognize me. When I got to the head of the line, the young man immediately asked and reached for a tradition. I guess after 3 months, they can relax.

And there is a huge sidewalk sale going on today. I am not sure why. But all the shops have tables out front with merchandise. If I had felt better, I would have explored. I just wanted home.

Really, I just want air conditioning. 45 minutes to check in.

And I am going to take Uber! So this is a day with very new experiences all compliments of Apple and the Iphone.


3 thoughts on “We’re Having a Heat Wave…

  1. well, take it easy, rest, and cool off as best you can. It was 94 in Santa Rosa but in the 70-80s here.


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