i didn’t use Uber today. In fact, I have only used it twice.  Today I was on the metro and bus.  

But I thought I would do a quick post because I am hearing from many friends – beware Uber today.  And I had no idea!  I spent the day speaking French with friends.  Then I started to receive emails and texts from the States.  Although I have apps for Le Monde and Le Figaro they didn’t have much info.  I finally read that the taxi drivers forced the traffic into a single lane at the airports and then attacked the Uber cars.  Yes. The Uber cars are recognizable – black or grey, clean, shiny, and well dressed drivers.  I read that 7 police officers were injured.  Crazy. 

Saturday when I fly to Berlin I take the big airport bus.  The taxi drivers won’t take that on – it would squash them. But I will leave earlier. On the other hand, I can’t see them protesting on a weekend. 

But something else was going on near me.  My bus 73 stopped at Etoile as usual but the driver stood up and said something that sounded like he was not stopping at Neuilly but going to Porte de champaret.  Huh?  And indeed he turned on a different street.  So I hopped off to take the metro. And saw that the street the bus usually goes down was blocked off to traffic.  And when I got out of the metro in Neuilly there were police officers blocking the way going back there.  No clue why.  And down by Concorde there are bleachers set up like he Rose Parade is coming. 

I don’t know.  But don’t worry about me. All is well. No Uber in the near future. 

(And I am not the only one- I texted 3 French friends- they didn’t know either!)


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