Computers… And the canicule

I worked diligently on the Berlin post – motivated by the desire to never get too far behind in my posts.  I then feel this huge weight on my shoulders as new activities start to build upon previous ones and how can I remember what I wrote about and what I didn’t and oh oh oh…

So with the Canicule – that is scorching heat wave to you!  I stayed one night in my apartment and had maybe 2 hours of sleep.  OK maybe 3.  I don’t do well in the heat.  Never have.  Always try to sleep with a window open or else I tend to have nightmares.  So while I can survive walking around in 90 -103 degree weather, sleeping when the low is 75 and it doesn’t get there until 3 am and without air conditioning… doesn’t cut it.  I used my handy app Hotel Tonight to find a cheap rate for the Movenpick Hotel and checked in Thursday.  A great night’s sleep.  But then the heat wave continued.  So I dipped into my emergency reserve.  Now it’s the Fourth and I will be here again tonight. Tomorrow, Sunday, it should return to the low 60’s and I should be fine at home.

All that to explain my crazy posts – if you get email notices, you may have wondered.  I brought my tablet to the hotel to get some work done (Blog, French language exercises, and a coaching proposal! (Thanks JS!)).  And finished the blog – happy to hit post.

Yet.  The Berlin Blog post wasn’t showing up on the blog site…

Finally realized that the tablet had the date of May 28.  Why?  I have not messed with it.  I thought those things were automatic.  Well, it was the issue – Word Press believed the tablet and said let’s file this blog back in May.  After figuring that out and fixing the date and time, I updated the blog with the photos of Potsdam and some curry wurst.

So that explains multiple postings.  And now I am off to the grocery store to find the AhMeriCahn food provisions for our celebration.

Happy Fourth!

Happy Independence Day!

fr us lag 2Merry Fourth!

My French friends are wishing me a good Fourth.

I haven’t found any official celebrations so with two friends we are creating our own All American Dinner.  Two of us are going shopping at Galleries Gourmand for AhMeriCahn food – including Hot Dogs.  (When I told Edith about hot dogs last night at a fabulous meal she shuddered.  But also laughed – she has traveled in the US with students and knew all about hot dogs – yet was a bit surprised as I told her about hot dogs at the ball park).

I have no idea what we will find.  We will be creating the meal when you are just waking up!

Have a Safe and Sane Fourth – I get to see fireworks on the 14th of July here.  Can’t wait