What a week!


What a week. I am exhausted. My body needs more time to recover from the Too Much Fun of the 14th of July and my brain from the Too Many Conversations!

You have all probably experienced the physical effect of overworking your brain – you get tired! So this week, there was a conversation on Monday, on Wednesday and two each on Thursday and Friday. Zounds! Zut alors! Yikes! And add to that the movie Les Minions. As I said, it was VOSTF – English with French subtitles. And that works your brain too – as you are listening to the English, getting the joke, laughing and at the same time reading the subtitles to see how things are translated into French.

Add to all that, not sleeping well. I told you about my sore legs after walking all over on 14th of July- I believe there are new neighbors downstairs. Noisy neighbors. Windows open what with the heat and loud – very loud conversations until midnight. I complained to my landlady – she suggested I write a note and post it in the lobby to remind people no noise after 10. Next, knock on their door. Or call the police. She said that’s normal. And lastly, she can notify the syndicate (the co-op owners of the building) and have them deal with it. So I will be typing up a notice after this.

It’s a catch up kind of day.2015-07-18 10.05.13

I first caught up with the Bonnard exhibit at the Musee D’Orsay. Tomorrow is the last day. I have visited it twice but quickly and with a crowd. Today I set out to be there at 930 when it opened. Accomplished. Easier to appreciate when you aren’t 3 deep in a crowd. 2015-07-18 09.38.06And I wanted to purchase the two posters. Why did I hesitate the last time I went? I don’t know – but the adage – he who hesitates loses – or something like that – is true. One design was sold out. Shrug.2015-07-18 09.41.15

I took a moment to stop by the Van Gogh after my trip to Amsterdam. Wanted to say hi to Starry Night. But No. I asked – it’s visiting Russia right now. Sure hope it comes home. And soon. So instead I took a moment with The Siesta. 2015-07-16 13.40.17A niece has a game – you can claim one thing in a window or room and then it is virtually yours for a virtual house you can build. Last time in the D’Orsay with her, I claimed that painting. She was asleep at the switch – it was her game and I beat her to that painting. Just posted another photo of it on FB with the text… “Still mine.” Heeheehee. She responded. “Grrr.”

A few minutes for some other Nabis painters. Right now I am fascinated by the use of brush strokes – Van Gogh, of course. But Bonnard too. And Maurice Denis. All in all, a good morning.

2015-07-18 10.35.30The “You Can’t Do This Here” sign in the D’Orsay has changed.  They added no selfie sticks.  OK – no backpacks.  No food or drink.  No phone calls.  No flash.  No selfie.  So what’s that at the top right?  No pointing?  Others have suggested, no touching, no picking your nose, and my fav – you can’t summon a waiter.  Ideas? Please share.

Came home to chores. The word in French for unpleasant chores is les corvees. Too many of them.

First my bill entering. Why do I keep a spreadsheet of my receipts? Even I am not sure – I hate accounting. That’s why I have a great accountant. But for some reason I feel compelled to keep a spreadsheet to see what I am spending money on. Interesting exercise – it’s not impacting my spending at all. (Maybe the fact that I am spending $250 less per month on this apartment than I planned – all thanks to the falling euro and rising dollar! – gives me some cushion?) It’s a cool spreadsheet – with pivot tables and graphs. Yes, I am nuts. Only problem is that I haven’t entered anything since the beginning of June… I have reached the Berlin receipts so there is progress… Finished.

Next chore – tidying up my French notes. I have maybe 6 small notebooks I have been using during various conversation exchanges.2015-07-18 17.59.53 I bought a nice notebook at the D’Orsay so I can be more organized. These CEs are extraordinary and my list of idioms and new words is growing. This should help.

Yes. Now I have 8 conversations. And merde, several of them are going out of town on the French vacation. My newest friend leaves in two weeks for two weeks. Really, only two of the 8 are staying around. So I searched more on Conversation Exchange and just sent out messages. And I specifically asked if they are in town in July and August!

I have moved into my new office. “Le Bureau de Marcie.” It’s the cafe on the 5th floor of the Musee D’Orsay. I need new business cards.2015-07-18 11.02.43

Veronica met me there Thursday morning. We talked until one. She left, I ordered lunch. Then at two I went out to meet Edith (I have a membership that allows me to bring guests to visit the musee). And we talked until 5. It was wonderful. A coke in the morning for caffeine. Cesar salad for lunch, and a Perrier and a gouter. Tiny yummy eclairs. Yes. I like this office.

The canicule has ended – frightful heat wave.  But it has been in  the low 90s the past few days and one day only got to 68 about 5 am.  Today has been beautiful but of course I have les corvees that have kept me in the apartment.  The key is to close the shutters just as the sun hits the front of the building.  It’s 83 outside but comfortable here.  I just received a text from Le Figaro that there is an orange orage alert.  That’s a high alert for storms.  Only thing is – am I in one of the 35 departments? I don’t think so but weather channel says thunderstorms at one a.m.  I sure wish I could send some of this rain to California.  But I have my fingers crossed for El Nino.

A bientot. See you soon.