Where’s a Rothchild?

Perhaps a Rothschild could get a French bank to give me an account?  BNP changed their story.  I don’t have to have €10,000 to open.  No. I have to deposit €20,000.  Not happening.  My accountant has warned me to stay under 10k to avoid extra IRS filing.  HBSC said they would call back.  No.  Tomorrow I see a gal at Societe Generale.  Fingers crossed. 

It’s all the terrorist money laundering. And it’s about expats paying taxes. And little folks like me get caught in the middle.  


Chivalry is alive.  But even in the land of chevaliers, it’s the American guy who gives me his seat.  On the bus. On the metro.  Families with teenage boys remain seated. Well I don’t expect mom to jump up but really – not the boys?  And young men.  Doesn’t my white hair count for anything?