France Miniature

France Miniature.  Yup. Exactly what it says, it is.  A big park with miniature buildings from all the various regions.

2015-07-27 13.21.18And getting there was a new travel experience. To get there you have to take a transilien line. These are trains with alphabet names, like Ligne U.  It’s not the RER. But it was fine and because there are no zone charges from mid July to mid August for holders of a monthly Navigo carte (me) (don’t know why) it’s free (ok so not free In the sense I paid for a monthly pass but it’s included).  So train out. Then a bus transfer (also free!) and half mile walk. You get left by the bus pretty much out in the open. But it’s probably no further away than the farthest spot in the Disneyland Peking lot. Except Disney has shuttles.

I loved FM. It just made me happy with every step. Not quite sure why but I was.  Found the Miniature of the cathedral at Lourdes.  People had thrown pennies at the fountain, like one of those good luck fountains.   The grotto where she had her vision.  Made more sense to be at the right spot.  It was set up there for some kind of ceremony, with their little people.2015-07-27 12.51.00

I tossed  I thought I tossed gently, but I did have to get quite a distance so maybe I had my arm into it.

I took out a priest. The penny hit him in the chest and he fell over.  The nun’s ok.  Not sure what this means for my wish…

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