French Mid terms

Well, not really.  But from time to time you do want to check in and see if there is language improvement.  I am so fortunate with my CE friends.  Oscar is a professor of history at a law school.  Everyone is just so interesting.  And in a texting exchange where I was apologizing for my French, he said:  “I would not stay in CE with you if your level of French was so weak.  You possess a very large vocabulary and a good understanding of French wines.  So that means you are French.  And in addition, you like cheeses that I don’t like.  You are more French than me!”  Woo Hoo Moi!

Add that to Albert’s comment about my future in French… very nice day indeed.

Did I tell you that two French folk did not know what a Gaelic shrug was?  I was almost embarrassed at first – thinking I was using a bad stereotype – til an online search revealed the fact that the French have used it themselves to draw British tourist.

“To draw the Brits back to the French capital, the Paris region launched a massive communications campaign, based on a Web site called C’est so Paris, which makes fun of French gestures and attitudes. …  Here are the instructions: “1. Stick out your lower lip. 2. Raise your eyebrows and shoulders simultaneously.”  The Gallic shrug may be accompanied with a vocal “Bof,” says the Web site.”  from ABC

They laughed.

And I finished a French novel!!!2015-08-11 22.40.03

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