Preparation, Weather and Apartments.

It’s a Monoprix delivery day.  Stocking up for visitors.  And while I wait for the delivery man, I am cleaning.  Actually, this is the most efficient cleaning I have done since moving here.  Although, yes, I am using my blog as an excuse for a break before vacuuming.

Why the activity?  A good friend arrives tomorrow.  Some Paris and France sightseeing and then off to London via Calais, Brighton and Bath.  She flies home from London and my niece arrives in London.  She comes back to France with me and leaves October 1.

Mon Dieu!  For an introvert who has been away from US friends for a long while, this is both exciting and wonderful… and fatiguing and overwhelming.  I must admit to liking my quiet time.  But once she arrives tomorrow and the adventure starts, it will be great.  Just have to remember to manage my energy.

It’s raining today.  Wish I could sent it to California…. Weather in Paris reminds me of the Sierras – wait 10 minutes and it changes.  The forecasters are pretty accurate.  Even if it looks ominous, if they say no rain, I leave the parapluie (umbrella) at home.  And they are right.

Paris apartments.  I have visited 7 so far.  All quite nicer than my 400 sq ft in Neuilly.  Shrug.  (Gaelic shrug!) (bof!)  They live here.  They have their own furniture.  I live here and have claimed my space as my own, but it’s not my stuff.  It’s more a base for my adventures.  My heritage – daughter of an architect and interior designer – enjoys seeing the way they use space.  And it varies so, of course.  Some very modern, some classical, and some  50s comfort, French style.

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