Lost Property

Railway stations workers in England remind me of highway workers in the U.S. Always in groups. Watching one person work. And not very optimistic. 
Easy enough to get to the Dover train station. Lovely ticket man who printed all our tickets so I didn’t have to figure out how to claim my reservations at the ticket machine. Busy train and a few minutes late so we had a one minute connection. Grabbed our bags and jumped off. Missed it! Found a Starbucks. Settled in to wait. I was a bit chilled so I reached for my bag with my coat in it
And stopped dead. 
Realizing the coat. And LBs jacket. Were on the train going on to london. I ran to the staton men (yes men). Told the first guy. Oh well. Hmmm. Ummm we have to talk to Fred. He has the radio. And explain to Fred. Who talked to someonebon the radio with no results. So we have to talk now to the statio. Manager. And repeat the story each time and have everyone listening shake their heads oh not sure you’ll see them again… The station manager calls the last stop but that train just pulled out. They shake their heads again and go back to their other work. One guy hands me the brochure with the number of heir Lost Porperty department so I can make a claim. 

We continue on to our destination Brighton. I call, make my claim with an enthusiastic clerk who asks and question and replies to all my answers with an upbeat Okey Dokey! Says give it 5 days for anything to get routes to the Lost Property. 
Now what? I just have a sweater. LB just has a sweat shirt. It’s chilly. We set out. She finds a wind breaker. All I can find at Marks & Spencer is a full on lightweight rain coat. But it works. 
And we go on through Brighton and through Bath enjoying our stay. (It onlY rained once).  
I had faith. Using all my resources of Reiki and other energetic options I wrapped the coats with tons of energy that would transmit to the person picking them up- “turn this in. You don’t want these coats. They are not the coats you are looking for. Move them on to Lost Property.”
Laugh if you want. If you are a skeptic. On Tuesday afternoon I received the email from Lost Property: we have your coats!!! Even the camera that LB had
Zipped in the inside pocket.  

Good day

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