Yorkshire pudding! My niece has a with a friend tonight so I am on my own. And what I want is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding! It’s been14 years Ithat haven’t eaten red meat. Thus tonight I am dining alone at Simpsons in the Strand. Next to the Savoy Hotel. 

 Hoity toity And maybe a bit touristy but it had great trip advisor reviews. 
And the sommelier poured me an excellent light red. Yup. France introduced me to light Reds.  

I have great hopes.  

And yikes I must start thinking in French again. I will be in paris in less than 48 hours. I hope my language skills will come back. 

Thirty minutes of waiting and I just got served.   
 The verdict:  
Its official. I prefer French cuisine. Hands down.  

I prefer French beef. (Sorry Ed).

And I prefer my sister’s Yorkshire pudding.  

But the service was impeccable. Just tried to pour some water and someone rushed over holding his hand up to tell me to stop!

I miss France. 

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