I walk the middle

Sounds zen like? It’s the truth but not a spiritual path. It’s how I survive on london streets and in Tube stations.

 So they drive on the left here, right? Oh. Correct! So wouldn’t you think then that the foot traffic would also follow that convention? On the escalators the signs read Stand on the right. Implying ok to pass on the left. So walking down the street which to choose? left like the car drivers or right like the escalator people? 

I pick the middle.
In the tube station- stand right signs and walk left signs within 50 feet of each other!  

 (Technological problems.  Word press doesn’t see the other photo of the stand right sign.  How odd.  So here’s another sign that amused me- not a flu shot but a flu jab!)

Sidewalks are regional  too. France is often Tarmac. With bumps. But mostly flat. Berlin is cobblestone of great variety. London is occasionally brick. But incredibly uneven. Either you step forward and trip on your sole because it is higher than you expect. Or you almost fall because you step down much further than you expect.  

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