Bacon Conditioning

It’s Saturday morning and I start my breakfast.  Oatmeal (I finally found oatmeal here!!!!!  What I was given at a French home in Tours that was called oatmeal was not! It is foreign to the French.)  And bacon.

And as I was putting the two strips of bacon in the pan, I stopped and thought, wait it’s Saturday!  Time for more bacon!   A Saturday treat!

What conditioning!  From a small age, I had pancakes only on Saturdays or Sundays – makes sense.  The weekend when my working dad had time to spend with the kids.  (His Swedish pancakes were to die for!)  And then I went off to university.  And classes were Monday through Friday and again weekends were the treat time!  Sleep in!  Brunch!

And then I went to work…  sigh… and once again a Monday through Friday schedule.

But now!  As I was throwing in the extra slices of bacon (yes, slices!), I thought, you know, you can have extra bacon any day of the week now.  You are retired, pretty much – I am not stopping my coaching business but it is on hold as I work on the French.  And you can sleep in, based on the French conversation appointments.  Bacon Freedom is there for the taking!

But it doesn’t taste as good on a weekday.


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