Where are the Muddle Ages in Ireland?

Lots of 19th century stuff here in Eire.  But where are the medieval castles and towers and churches?

Yes. Donegal  Ashley was built in 1474, while Richard III was king.  But most of that part was destroyed or significantly changed in the 17th and 18th centuries.  The Museum of Country Life pretty much started with basket weavers in 1800.

There are some standing stones but we won’t be visiting as far as I know – maybe one in Kerry, three days from now.   And Skellig Michael of course. And the Book of Kells back in Dublin…  But even Paris has a number of structures dating from 1100.

Oh but we did stop at a scared well which was adopted as a Mary spot by the Catholics…  Transforming the Goddess into Christianity.  But that is a spring not a structure.

My brief foray into Irish history tells me that there were a lot of independent chieftains and tribes. And frequent Viking forays for pillaging.

But the history from 1700 on is one of a poor country.  A hard life. And now as we drive, I see so many relatively new houses.  And hear that there is a huge emphasis on education. Trying to become an intellectual commodity perhaps?  In a green green country without extensive resources.

Still figuring Ireland out.  Stay tuned for more.

Motor coach & Ireland

Off in a non-Schengen country for several days.  Extending my time in France and seeing Ireland.

First motorcoach tour I have taken and I lucked out.  Last tour of the year for this itinerary and on a bus for 40 we have only 13 people!

Bus tours become like a family. And we have two black sheep. Well, one grey and one black.  She’s a late person. Kept us waiting three times.  And this morning she was almost 20 minutes late which threw off the whole morning as we had places to be and sights to see.  The grey one – she’s traveling with the black sheep and she is feeling responsible for her. So she’ll on time but gets miffed when the bus driver says the other gal is late. Said she didn’t appreciate being publicly scolded.  Shrug.  My response is then don’t be late. It’s a fact.  Get over it.

So if you travel with a group best to set your clock ahead 15 minutes.