Motor coach & Ireland

Off in a non-Schengen country for several days.  Extending my time in France and seeing Ireland.

First motorcoach tour I have taken and I lucked out.  Last tour of the year for this itinerary and on a bus for 40 we have only 13 people!

Bus tours become like a family. And we have two black sheep. Well, one grey and one black.  She’s a late person. Kept us waiting three times.  And this morning she was almost 20 minutes late which threw off the whole morning as we had places to be and sights to see.  The grey one – she’s traveling with the black sheep and she is feeling responsible for her. So she’ll on time but gets miffed when the bus driver says the other gal is late. Said she didn’t appreciate being publicly scolded.  Shrug.  My response is then don’t be late. It’s a fact.  Get over it.

So if you travel with a group best to set your clock ahead 15 minutes.


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