Leaving the Schengen area to extend my time in Paris. Have I explained the Schengen? It’s a treaty named after the city where it was signed. Originally it had nothing to do with the EU bit now new members to the EU must agree. It opens borders. You can travel through freely. When I was a kid living in London. And later when a college student studying, I had to show my passport when leaving and entering each European country. Not now. But what makes it confusing is that some non-EU countries participate. Iceland. And Switzerland are both Schengen countries. Not in the EU. U.K. In the EU but not in Schengen And Ireland is not In the Schengen because they have a border agreement with the U.K.

Next time I do 9 months in France I will plan my departure better so that I don’t have to find places to go outside the Schengen.

As I was getting ready in Paris I was thinking through the travel. How to get to CDG and then from Dublin airport to the hotel. Several minutes later after working through my French phrases I suddenly remembered the Irish speak English!

But they have all the signs in English and Irish. Gaelic. Like Brittany and Wales. And they teach Irish in schools These Celtic countries want to hold on to the culture.

Leaving Dublin the road was a freeway with trees and shrubs lining either side. Could have been anywhere. Sight impossible. Bit come to a rise and Ireland slips into view. The green fields looked wonderful but after a week traveling I know that area doesn’t compare to the landscape of Donegal or Galway or even Dingle.

The size of country is a bit of a shock. From top to bottom 6 hrs; side to side 3. It might just fit inside California.  And population. 4.5 million. Size of Louisiana or Kentucky. Los Angeles has 3.9 million. That means their large towns are small by US standards. The third largest is Galway with 75,000. Dublin area has over a million.

There’s something about Ireland though…

And if you read about the well in an earlier post- it was a sacred not scared well.

One thought on “Ireland…

  1. Don’t understand the leave the EU Zine thing. Your Father giving out oranges on St. Patrick’s Day would have brought harm from people I know that dint find humor in the situation. The religion situation is 700 years of conquest and exploitation.




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