Tour People

Any tour is a roll of the dice for your tour mates.  This one was no different.  Only 13 but two of them were bizarre.  Some of the rest of us rated them 13 on the bizarro scale of 1 to 10.  Drama Drama Drama.  I should have nicknamed them Shakespeare and Bacon.  Or Tennessee and Arthur.

They came as friends.  Mid way they moved to separate rooms.  Didn’t go on any/many of the tours.  Sometimes not even on the day bus trips.  Why would you spend all that money – for tour and flight – and not participate?  One claimed physical problems as she leaned on her cane. But she was spotted in the factory stores (not the tour part, the store part) making her way quickly through the merchandise, cane under her arm.  What the…

They also took no responsibility for their tardiness.  Instead they attacked the tour director for reprimanding them in public when he simply said, “we have to leave on time.  I will have to leave her here.”And the friend answered, “do what you need to do.”  Talk about throwing your friend under the bus!  She did go find her at that point.  Probably because all of us and Paddy were looking at her with our mouths dropped open.

And then they made up and shared the last room and had breakfast and dinner together and toured Dublin as a couple (not to imply anything like that…).  I think they bonded again over their hatred of the tour director.  Misplaced.

No worries.  I am done with them.  Bless them.  And me.

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