I love Not sure I have the same feelings for   I tried ordering things from them last April. Amazon.f has a great system that’s probably the same in large cities in the US where they deliver to stores for you to pick up if you can’t receive packages at your apartment. But when I ordered and selected a delivery station (relais), it was not possible. Grrr.

I don’t know why I tried again last month, but I did. Hope springs eternal. And amazingly, it worked. Super. Buoyed with that experience, last week I ordered a computer cable. But no. It wouldn’t work. This time I sent an email to Amazon and got a nice answer back that there is a difference between Amazon and the Amazon Marketplace. The Marketplace cannot ship to the relais.

Armed with that knowledge, I ordered the cable to be delivered to a friend’s house. Should have arrived last Friday. Apparently, does not have guaranteed delivery. It didn’t arrive. Track package – simple in the US – the package is scanned in at every stop and you can watch it get closer and closer to you. Um. No. It’s “en transit.”

My friend is going on vacation so there is a time constraint here. After much searching, I found the “ contact us” again and started an email chat – not, of course, available in English. Oh and I don’t mean to imply they should provide that service – it is France, after all. Just another small obstacle but I persevered. She told me that the item had a problem in delivery. It was put on a bad truck. Seriously, le mauvais camion. OK – maybe that is wrong truck, not a naughty truck.

But they don’t know where it is. They asked me to have patience until tomorrow. And tomorrow if it doesn’t arrive, they will refund my money.

Note to sell: saving 8 euros by using Amazon is not worth the time and energy compared to going directly to FNAC (Best Buy) and getting one immediately.

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