Le Drapeau (The Flag)

2015-11-16 18.54.08


Hollande declared a national day of mourning and encouraged the French to display the French flag.

The government buildings of Paris were lit up with the Tricolor – the French flag.  Blue, White and Red (you must get the order correct or you are confusing us with the US).


2015-11-27 18.02.21   2015-11-27 19.24.13  2015-11-27 22.20.45

And many private buildings were too.

2015-11-30 18.16.58 2015-11-27 22.17.37 2015-11-29 21.11.25 2015-11-27 22.08.56

Flags were slow to come out – probably because French folk don’t own flags.  I saw a number with the folds still showing their newness.  Small ones here and there.  2015-11-29 19.39.25Some even resorted to creative ways of showing the blue, white and red.2015-12-01 21.37.51



And now I am seeing Tricolor for sale in the newsstands.  The plane with the shipment from China probably arrived a few days ago.


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