A week old…

I wrote this a week ago but for some reason – um, life? – it didn’t get posted until now.

Good thing I got my hair cut short.  Less to grab ahold of and pull out.

I spent the day in trial packing.

I have been avoiding mentioning my impending departure.  But reality is catching up with me.  I return to the US on Monday December 28.  That’s two weeks from tomorrow.

As good friends have pointed out – both French and Americans – I will be back!  And soon enough if the Consulate is good enough to give me another visa.  And if not, well, I’ll be back on a tourist stay.

During my stay here, I have always known I have to go back and that drove many of my purchases – and non purchases.  But still….  I lived through three seasons.  And that means from 34 degrees a few days ago to 108 in July.  I did add to my wardrobe accordingly.  Now the big question – what to toss, to leave and to pack.  Yes, the landlady’s nice enough to give me three drawers to leave things.  But the printer takes up a great deal of that.  So today was the first sorting.

Wish I had that famous sorting hat from Harry Potter – it could figure this out in a second.  And what is something that I can leave behind but really want – so I want to pack it separately so it can be shipped back in some type of emergency situation.  Which I don’t expect at all.  But I am a strategic contingency thinker so my mind goes there.

I started this about 11 this morning. It’s now 6.  At least my bed is cleared off enough to sleep.

And sleep…  I have had a recent history of fitful sleep patterns.  I was getting better – through a discipline to look at my phone for only 30 seconds when I woke up and wanted to check the time and by setting the intention to get 6.5 hours of sleep.  But still fitful, with many restless minutes according to my Fitbit HR Charge.

The past two nights I have slept wonderfully, few wakeups and when I did, immediately back to sleep.  Why?  I hate to admit it, but apparently even 30 seconds of the electronic light has a harmful effect.  The past two nights – I didn’t look at the phone once.  And had over 7.5 hours of sleep.   I wonder if those bags under my eyes will finally disappear…

Revenons a nos moutons!  (Although, in talking about sleepless nights, you usually talk about counting sheep…. But we are going back to the main topic of packing!)

My last two weeks are busy!  I go to Strasbourg this Wednesday to visit the Christmas Market – the granddaddy!  It started in 1570!  Then back on Friday night.

Saturday I am off to a concert of The Messiah at a church on Ile Saint Louis with a friend.  And Christmas Week is full of the “last” conversations for a few month at least with several friends. Christmas with my Thanksgiving friend.  And an invitation to dinner at Albert’s apartment with his family.  I am so happy with my friends invite me to their house.  That is not a casual event with the French so I am quite honored.

And then a Sunday to do the final packing and storing.