Almost 2 Weeks In…

Whew.  The “medical” week is over.  Doctor visits, dental visits, innumerable x-rays and tests and even a pneumonia shot.  The consensus – I am in fine shape.  Except for the damn postnasal drip which causes awful hacking and coughing.  People expect to see a lung explode.  My back aches from the force of the coughs – I know fully understand the definition of a wracking cough.  New antihistamines and sprays are supposed to get this under control in at least 2 weeks.

2015-11-16 18.48.29-CMy doctor was amazed by my flu shot story – that I had to buy it and take it to the nurse… or give it to myself.   And she likes my photos – I have been emailing her all week about the various tests and treatments and cold status and since Kaiser has a place to add a photo, I decided to send her photos of Paris.  What the heck.

Kaiser was also old home week as I bumped into a dedicated blog reader.  She appreciated my blog in which I took out the priest.  Good laughs.

What’s next?  Well, no surprise… I am applying for another 6 month visa.  My appointment is next Friday at the consulate in San Francisco.  It’s much simpler this time – just using the same docs with a new date.  And new photos.  I actually took the best ones – selfies were better than ones friends took.   Only have to buy the medical insurance and figure out exactly when I am flying back.  Probably between April 5 and 12.  On my first research, flight costs have gone up 500 bucks!  Yikes.

It’s strange to be in my house again.  I have already visited Goodwill with 5 bags of donations.  And more to come.  This weekend I am going to open my clothes closet and go shopping!  I took out one shirt last week and compared it to a similar shirt I had in Paris.  The water and the washing machine pretty much beat the heck out of it.  A friend suggested using vinegar instead of fabric softener.  I’ll try but I think it needs the dryer.  Oh.  There’s a laundry a block away in Paris – maybe I will try that next time.

A block away?  Yup, I am going back to the same apartment.  It has its drawbacks but it has a lot of pluses- like I know the neighborhood well.  And best of all, she let me leave some things there.

I miss Paris.  I miss France.  I miss my friends.  First thing I did my second day back was order TV5 on Comcast.  It’s the French television channel.  I found myself desperate to hear French!  I still don’t understand it all – vocabulary!! – but much better than last February.

Now off to the gym.  Walk 5 miles a day in California?  Doesn’t happen.  So got a cheap gym membership for a couple months.  Oh, note to self, buy new walking shoes…

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