Not used to the time zone thing…  Not so much jet lag – more the sequence of time.  Surprised that no one had posted on FB yesterday until I realized it was about 3 am for Californians.   And this morning I read the Sac Bee on my iPad and was surprised to see Sunday columns. Until I realized it is still Sunday there…  The good news is I am awake, energized and somewhat rested. 


Je reviens!  I am back in Paris after a mind-numbing and sleep-elusive flight. Having determined that travel must be defined as only a temporary but necessary inconvenience I shall spare you details.  

Returning on a Sunday morning was a brilliant accident of planning.  No strikes. No manifestations. Wheels down at 10:32 and in my apartment at 11:44.  No kidding!  No traffic.  No fuss.  And the delightful driver did carry all three bags upstairs for me earning a very nice “pourboire” – tip in French. Means “for drink” So no teetotalers here.  

My adventurous friends wonder why I have returned to the same place.  First.  She let me leave things! Second.  I know what to expect. Third. I know the neighborhood. She brought up a coffee table she had in storage in the “cave” in the basement (well that’s what they call it and it looked like a cave really!).  And I like this addition. Makes the room a bit tight but I have somewhere for things – especially my feet!

And she said she might buy a microwave!!!!  Woo Hoo!  When I mentioned no microwave last year she looked at me as if -huh? Why? But I guess the last guests mentioned it too.  

A quick visit to the marche yesterday for veggies, to the expensive grocery for something for dinner last night and the requisite visit to the Eiffel Tower.  My favorite bus 82 takes me straight there.  

Silvi was pleased. And then rest of the day was a struggle to stay awake. Slept til 530, puttered til 700 and slept again making me late for my Monoprix shopping trip to stock up.  Now I am just waiting for the delivery.  Then to fuss with banks over PIN numbers and meet a friend at the Louvre for a chat.  That will make me truly feel back in Paris!