PIN success!

Surely you heard/read my complaints last year about the false advertising of American credit card companies?  They claim they provide Chip and PIN cards… In fact they do have a Chip and they issue you a PIN but at stores and restaurants these dang cards are Chip and Signature. 

Why is this a big deal?  It’s all part of my desire to pass as close to a native as I can get.  Yes yes. I am proud to be an American. Love that passport (although Cruz and Trump cause me headaches).  But I want to be incognito and have a real European experience.  When the waiter has to stop and print the paper and give you a pen- the entire store or restaurant knows you are an American! 

The Barclay card at least works in the kiosk at the train and metro stations. It’s programmed to switch from Chip and Signature to Chip and Pin when the kiosk is unattended.   

But this year I scored!  Read about the United Nations Federal Credit Union.  I had to jump through some hoops to become a member (had to join their foundation) but I got the card days before I left.  And I got the pin in the mail the day before I left. 

It works!!!  Now I am an American purchaser in disguise!