Ah Shaddup

Speechless.  I should have been speechless today.  If I had kept my mouth shut, I could have continued the fantasy that I speak French.

Instead, I had a conversation with Albert.  He is my toughest conversation partner.  Of course, he had brought along some documents that he had translated into English and wanted my feedback.  I must admit, I was quite picky.

So he returned the favor.

Eh bien.  As much as I am complaining and irritated that he burst my bubble, I do appreciate it.  Only way to learn.  It would have been nice to have had a couple more days to bask in the dream that I was more fluent than fact.

Aside from that, I spent the afternoon in the jardins of the musee Rodin.  The museum was reopened last fall – I wrote about it before.  Gorgeous place.  But also the gardens are lovely.  And I discovered that for 20 euros I can purchase a book of 10 tickets to get into the gardens.  So I went there for lunch in their outdoor cafe and sat reading a (French) book.  (Pretending I can read French! HA!…. actually, I understood most of it.  It’s the letters of Madame de Sevigny, a marquise from the 1650s.  Very interesting gossip actually.)

And I wandered.  I had noticed spires from the bus and couldn’t figure out what church.  Then I spotted them from the gardens.  So I walked until I came upon Basilica Ste Clothide.  Built in the late 1800’s but in the neo gothic style.  I chanced upon a statue of St. Leonard – never knew there was a saint named Leonard but there are quite a few saints – I should not be surprised.  That was my grandfather’s name so I lit a candle for him.  Always a nice thing to do.  Even if you can’t speak French.  (I should have asked him for assistance…)





Because I speak French!

Today I had lunch with my friend the French professor of the history of the law.  And I told  him about the oral arguments at the Supreme Court for the Texas abortion clinic case.  And specifically Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s questions (it auto-corrected me to Vader- I almost left it! Lol).

In French!!!

And he understood.