Rest is a Good Thing.

A very good thing indeed.  My pace this past week has been quick… and long…  Averaging over 5 miles a day.  And by yesterday, my body was kaput.  I met a friend for lunch and after eating  we walked and walked.  Coming home I was not like the proverbial horse that goes faster when turned toward home.  Nope.  The last few blocks home were a stumbling and trudging mess. And I pretty much skipped dinner and fell into bed.

We had lunch in the Galerie Vivienne.  It’s one of the oldest of the passages in Paris.  These were the original shopping malls.  Little walk ways through buildings with shops on either side. In 2014 I visited many of them.  My list shows 22; I have been to 12, I believe.  My search for passages took me to Blvd. Saint Denis.  Not the best area.  One time I counted 20 prostitutes that I could easily recognize.  Chatting together in broad daylight and talking over prices with any number of men. This Saturday we were in a better neighborhood.  I just saw tourists!

In these more upscale passages I did find two great crystal and rock stores.  And two interesting shops I will return to for paper flowers and electric candles.  Ya.  These were the most realistic electric candles I have ever seen – with flames that moved.   I just have to retrace my steps.  By the end of the afternoon, my body was so fatigued I think my memory was affected.

But Friday night I had an excellent meal at Veget’Halles – a vegetarian restaurant that we happened upon by accident.  And it is The. Best. Ever!  Roti de champignons – mushroom loaf with blackberry and ginger sauce.  To die for.  I will be back.

Because I still was tired this morning, I passed up the visit to the marche and instead stayed horizontal on the couch.  And by the late afternoon when I had a rendez-vous with a new French friend, I actually felt good.  Yes, rest is a very good thing.

Tomorrow is another holiday.  Surprise.  I am off to a museum and then shopping at E.Leclerc – I think it’s the French Target.  To buy saline and contact solution…  the saline bottle that costs $2 at Target is 9 euros here – and it’s the cheapest place!

And then early to bed once again.