Water Water Everywhere

2016-06-03 12.35.10Down by Bercy where the auto route on the quai takes you to a freeway…. Used to…  2016-06-03 12.39.25And the dividing wall is now a tiny sidewalk for adventuresome souls…


Against the wishes of the security people who finally put up a barricade…  That woman with the white pants and 2016-06-03 12.42.12heels didn’t have the courage to take that step across to the other wall.  She turned around and walked back.  After that the barricade was up so anyone walking that far had to turn around.

A restaurant closed for business…2016-06-03 13.04.39
2016-06-03 12.55.08

2016-06-03 15.25.04 The d’Orsay


2016-06-03 15.20.22And the boats…
We have a small motor boat.  Oh yeah, our moto that was on the quai so we could zip about Paris – let’s just put it in the motor boat.  I am surprised it didn’t sink!

2016-06-03 15.10.46Some had great ideas to use planks…
until the water kept rising.

But then, how do you get over the wall?  2016-06-03 15.21.26Hang a ladder and secure it with a nice chair.  A bit further away, they had locks on their chair…
2016-06-03 15.19.24




Zouvave again….  I find this photo creepy.  Look down from his left hand on his hip to the water level and then look to the right…  It looks like the top of a head to me…  2016-06-03 13.53.40

Can’t go to museums?  Watch the Seine instead.2016-06-04 15.00.46






Actually, NO Parking these days.2016-06-04 15.10.59

2016-06-04 15.02.03