Moving Up in the Kitchen

2016-06-11 10.14.39I now have a microwave!  And not just a micro-wave.  It’s a combination Microwave, convection oven (I have the same in Sacramento)  AND GRILL.

You heard me right – grill.

Thank God it came with an instruction book and the instruction book includes instructions in ENGLISH. (That is not always the case.  And trying to figure out instructions for an appliance written in French is not easy.)

It’s a reasonable size.  2016-06-11 10.14.29And comes with a glass turntable.
And a weird metal
stand and tray.  No more descriptions – just look at the photos.   I was chatting with an American about it – she said be careful.  They started a fire in theirs when they first started using it.  So I am a bit apprehensive.

2016-06-11 10.15.04I did make microwave popcorn immediately.  Yum.  Oops- Miam Miam!  All the stove top popcorn I tried here tasted stale.  So now a new world of food has opened up to me at Picard.  (It came in a weird flat box that popped up into a container…)

picard 2Did I ever mention Picard – Les Surgeles?  Frozen food stores.  They started in 1906 in Fontainebleau but I think they really got going in frozen food in the 70s.  Delicious.  Everything I have tried is delicious.  picardMany things can be cooked on the stove but most is made for microwaves.  And without one last year, I had to pass on many choices.  Which was sad because there is Picard store across the street from me!

Not now.  The world is my oyster.  Picard is my oyster – but I don’t like oysters… oh well.

French eating frozen food?  Yup.  Surprise.  I have been served Picard dishes at friends’ houses.  Et pourquoi pas?  The standards are high, the food beyond tasty.   Why don’t US firms copy Picard?