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And yes, there is such a thing.

I continue my conversations – but my people are being very French and leaving town for July and August – or parts thereof.  And I am planning an overnight myself – just can’t decide if it’s one night or two.  My destination is Dieppe, on the English Channel, or as the French say, La Manche.  That means sleeve.  I need to recharge at the sea.  And Dieppe is reachable via two trains in two hours.  And it is not the chi chi destination like Deauville.  When I wandered through Deauville last year, I felt like I was in Palm Springs – all the tres chic brands had shops there.  And Trouville, right next door, has a Casino.

On the other hand, my July has been filled with jaunts to Chateaux.  There will be a separate blog about them.  And museum visits for closing exhibits.

And a quick two night trip to Dijon.  No, I do NOT like mustard!  The smell of mustard makes me nauseous.  But Dijon has many wonderful medieval sites and wines and fabulous restaurants.  My traveling friend went off to Beaunne to see the hospital – Hotel Dieu.  I visited it last year and wrote about it then.  Great place but I wanted to wander in Dijon so we had time by ourselves.  We met up for a tasty dinner.  That’s actually too casual – it was a delicious meal.  I selected Bouef Charolais.  Sounded familiar to me – Charolais is a breed of cattle – I recall reading about it when visiting Avignon last year.  And wow.  Best tasting beef I have had in ages…. Maybe ever.

Have you read Rich Dad Poor Dad?  I haven’t.  But I know the concept.  Somehow I got invited to a 2 hour presentation for free.  So I went.  What a fascinating mélange of theatrics, information, sales job, and both encouraging coaching and intimidating threats.  So the 2 hours was to get you to sign up for the course.  The presenter was an American who lives in England and is successful at buying property – one of the cornerstones of the RDPD theory about making money.  He also said he had been an actor early in his career.  And he put those talents to good use.  For me, as a coach, I was fascinated at how he worked the crowd.  Most of the time he was supportive and helpful and just there to share the way to get rich (with some work) with everyone.  By the end, when people didn’t jump up to sign up, he was tough and disappointed and threatening all at the same time – discounting people – “well if you don’t want…. If you just want to be an employee (said in a most derogatory way).”

I didn’t sign up.  But I got a CD and made 2.5 euro so I was happy.

And I discovered a new medieval building!  Well, it’s only new to me.  College des Bernadins.  It’s located in an area I thought I knew well!  But no!  It was started in 1248.  Here’s the website – there’s a video showing the place if you are interested.

I am going back – I was there midday and the tour is at 4.  And while there, I picked up a new book in the library – lists all the medieval sites in Paris.  I have been to most, but will complete the list before I return.


Makes me think of the political situation in the US.  I have always registered as an independent, neither Republican nor Democrat.  The rhetoric flying about amazes and concerns me greatly.  I have never thought any politician to be a saint.  And I am sure there are things Hillary has done that aren’t necessarily the best things.  But I cannot understand the people who follow Donald Trump.

This is supposed to be a blog about France, not politics – but rarely do I have a conversation with a French person without them asking me about Trump.  He scares them.  They equate him with Marine La Pen and the Front Nationale.  A far right, a far far right group here.  And I have no response to give my French friends– the disrespectful things Trump says about women, about minorities, about immigrants.  The violence that he encourages… And that he does have the backing of some Christian groups…

I am speechless.

And Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of NY city, with net worth of $46.7 billion – 6 richest person in the US who made his own money –  (Trump is listed at $4.5 billion and only in the top 400 and he started with an inheritance), Bloomberg calls Trump a con man.  But people continue to support him.

I don’t understand it.  Please.  Let me come home to a US with a president not named Trump.

And on that note, I would promise to not talk politics again.  But I am not sure I can keep that promise…  at least, not as much and not often.

There’s another blog waiting to be written about the traffic in Paris – I draft it every time I am on the bus or sitting at a bus stop and watching.  I have discovered there is a method.  More later.

A la prochaine


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