Another terrorist attack.  At the Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray fifteenth century church in Normandy near Rouen.  Priest was killed.  Apparently, there were 5 others inside – one nun escaped and got help.  Another person was seriously wounded (and nothing else is said about that person).  And the remaining three were used as human shields, but the police were able to shoot and kill the two terrorists.   Newspapers say that town is a known jihadist center.

It bothers me.  Perhaps a bit too close to home.  If I was driving around the countryside, I would be very inclined to park and visit a 15th century church.

Yet, in the big picture. I still believe that the odds are in any individual’s favor.  And the states have enough shootings to make it an uncomfortable place also.

This killing has shocked the nation in a different way from the others.  Charlie Hebdo – there was a reason terrorists hated them.  The November 13th and the Nice attacks – these occurred where there were crowds.  But this one – a tiny church. 6 people.

Rest in Peace.



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