This year my street feels like Minnesota in the summer!  ROAD CONSTRUCTION.  Except, it isn’t really ROAD construction, but it is multiple building construction.  First, it was my own apartment building getting a new roof.  Or getting the roof fixed might be more accurate.  That took three and a half months!  Of course, it would if you just have two guys working on it.  And then there are rain days when nothing gets done…

And at one of the three office buildings across from me, the emergency exit circular stairs that were attached to the outside of the building apparently were old and unusable or maybe dangerous.  Whatever, they were coming down.  First a big crane closed the street and sections were lifted off.  Then they brought in scaffolding to go up the side of the building to repair where the stairs had been.  After that first day, that project was, thankfully, pretty quiet.

And a few weeks ago I noticed that there wasn’t much activity in one of the other buildings.  Usually I can see someone sitting at the desk – except of course during the faire le pont weeks.  After looking closer, I realized there was NO activity.  The building was empty.

That should have warned me.

They are remodeling.  Totally.  First, the city came and moved the motorcycle parking from in front of the building to down the block.  That was weird.  Then some guys showed up drilling in the street and putting down things that looked like pipe stands.  It was not quiet.  Then the next day, others showed up with the pipe and fencing.  OK major remodeling ahead.

Then there is a concrete truck.  No, sorry,  first they laid down blue plastic on the road way.  Then they pour concrete on top of it.  Apparently to make that stretch of street in front of the building level with the sidewalk.  I am thinking there will be a few days of quiet before it’s dry… But no.  Of course not.  At midnight a patrol guy shows up and moves the fencing to get to the entrance to make sure it is secure.  Ya, moving the fencing with no regard to noise as the concrete blocks scrape noisily.  That happens the next night too

Thinking it will be at least quiet in the morning til 8.

In your dreams.  Of course, with the noise at night I have no dreams…  because I have no sleep.

Now the other project is done and the scaffolding must come down from the emergency stairs building.  At 600 am.  Do you know how much noise scaffolding pipes make when dropped – yes, dropped – into a pile in the street?  Pretty much no sleep the rest of that day.  They did finish by 8:30 when those employees showed up for work.  And just in time for the other workmen to arrive for the remodel.  Those guys spent the day filling the dumpster.  So the truck came to take it away.  No, it’s not quiet either.  Several trips throughout the day.  And today they must have been taking out duct work as the sound was similar to scaffolding pipes dropped in the street – yet with the amplification of the dumpster.


Sometimes it is fun to complain when you have no control.  So I hope I have amused you some.  I hope that at least this project will be done soon as they seem to have enough workers – not like my two roof guys which ended up dragging out this project.


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