Yikes.  I almost spelled that labour.  I must be preparing for my trips to London.  And, an aside…  it’s difficult to translate Yikes into French. (Oh wait, Google Translate says it’s beurk.)

Back to the point.  Labor – any way you spell it – is common in France.  I mean manual labor.  Many people are employed doing manual labor.  Like just now, the water truck goes down the street with two guys on each side manning hoses to wash off the street.  Maybe that’s common in big cities?  I have never seen it in Los Angeles nor in San Francisco or New York but admittedly my time in the last two is always limited.  Maybe my timing was bad and I just missed the street washing days…

Oh, I was wrong.  Today there is only one guy one hose.  I realized that when the truck came back down my street.  So someone calling in sick really does slow the process down – two trips down each street.  And there are many streets in my town.  BTW, they even clean/wash the street when it’s raining…

And then there’s the marches.

Each arrondisement has at least one marche.

And most are under tarps.  The guys show up the day before or really early because they start at 8 and everyone has to be unloaded and ready by then.  The sidewalks have spots to place the pipes.  Then tarps are placed between the pipes so the market is a bit covered.

And then, of course, it all has to be taken down again and put on the trucks and driven away to storage.

Yes.  This is repeated three times a week.


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