La Rentree

I guess I am becoming more French that I realized – I took August off too..  (La Rentree is the word that describes everyone coming back after summer break!)

Well not quite, but my last post was almost 3 weeks ago.  And I have not been under the weather.  Quite the contrary.  I think this has been the busiest 4 weeks of my time in Paris – or anywhere for that matter!

On August 15 I set off with a friend for 5 days in Brittany.  Came back for a 3 day respite – that was really filled with shopping and cleaning the apartment to get ready for the 2 week visit of my great niece.  WHIRLWIND TIME.

She left yesterday.  I did nothing all afternoon.  And slept in til 10 and today have been surprisingly accomplished while  resting.  Somehow, between reading on the bed and then on the couch and then on the bed again, I rearranged (she was a mule and brought me foldable cubes for storage –far cheaper in the US), and did two loads of wash and hung the clothes and sheets to dry AND dusted and vacuumed the place.

Now to get my computer life back in order.  I find I use the IPhone for just about everything! But it is easier to do the bills on the laptop.  So it’s catch up time.  And far easier to type a blog post on the big keyboard.

I do want to comment on my various destinations so you may see a flurry of posts… no, no, a panoply of posts!

Some quick updates – construction continues on the two buildings.  The one that had the emergency stairs that were removed – well, some kind of new stairs are going up.  There’s a huge crane on my street again.  It was amusing to watch all the police on Tuesday morning here to write tickets and oversee the cars and motorbikes being towed away.  Really, people, the signs have been up for 2 weeks.  I missed seeing the owners come out in the afternoon to their missing vehicles.

And the other building- the one that is being totally cleaned out – the demolition continues.  I haven’t been home much during the day for the past 3 weeks, so I wasn’t bothered by the noise.  But it was noticeable today.   Made me appreciate the long French lunch hour as there was total silence between 12 and 1:30.

And as I started to gear up to writing again, I found myself thinking about a friend who really writes.  She posted on FB that she was having writers block –but really she was having writer chaos because she has too many ideas!  Made me think about the process of writing. With so much time on public transportation, I find I notice things and want to save the ideas for the next blog.  But somehow the ideas evaporate.  Now I understand why so many writers carry around notebooks…. Jot that brilliant line down before it eludes you later.

Now to dinner.


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