The Aftermath

Going crazy tourist for 13 days in a row has consequences.  I did nothing on Tuesday afternoon, all day Wednesday, just a meeting on Thursday and had a scratchy throat last night!!!  So today only a conversation in the morning and home the rest of the day to suck on zinc to reduce the cold and literally drink chicken soup.  I actually found chicken soup today in the grocery.  Quickly.  Usually it takes forever to see where it’s hidden and often it’s just broth cubes.  I found real chicken noodle soup packets.  So ready for it to make me feel better.

Did you know that the frozen food meals at Marks & Spencer’s have instructions in ENGLISH!  Who knew? Not me.  I must admit I only looked at their offerings once last year – since I didn’t have a microwave, I gave up on M&S.  Now with the microwave, a whole new world has opened up.  Picard Surgeles, the French frozen store across the street has marvelous food but the directions are in French, Dutch, German and Spanish…

It takes a great effort to get me to the computer these days.  I don’t know why.  I move between couch and bed easily to read or play iPhone solitaire.  But to sit down in front of the computer…. Doesn’t happen til the dead of night.  And of course, then my curiosity kicks in and I have to surf and surf and surf til 1 or 2 in the morning.  Today I got myself over here before 4 pm

What’s the big deal?  I have reviews to write!  I am a “top reviewer” on Trip Advisor.  A Level 6 contributor.  150 reviews,  210 ratings.  And 61 helpful votes from other readers.  115,000 readers!  We visited a lot of places in the past 3 weeks so there were many reviews to write.  Done for now!

Next, work on the project Bloom Where You’re Planted Day.  I am chairing the exhibit hall.  It’s Oct 8.  Got to answer emails.  Tell me again, why did I say yes?

And back to TripAdvisor to research my jaunt to 1. Budapest or 2. Budapest and Prague.  Sometime in October or early November.  Recommendations?  Email me please.

And back to the construction!  The huge crane was gone when I got back at lunch.  Notices posted – due to a technical problem beyond their control, the street parking closure will continue until the 16th, not the 12th.  Bummer for those with cars or cycles.

But the best news is that the building company is having a presentation for the neighbors about the construction on the building across from me.  It will be interesting to see what they are planning to do to it.  They have been working on it for 4+ months now.  I am going!  If I don’t understand the French, at least I know this architect’s daughter knows how to read plans.


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